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Sami Stevens & Kazemde George

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

We chat with Sami and Kaz about touring, music, and whether Boston is better than New York.

Recorded Live at ZUMIX in Boston
Recorded Live at ZUMIX in Boston

Freelance Finance is the show where we go in depth into the financial and personal lives of Boston based freelancers. It is hosted by David Ira Roth and airs Thursdays at 11am on 94.9FM in Boston (WZMR - ZUMIX Radio). You can also listen live at Listen to this episode in iTunes

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Boston is the best

New york not so much. But still

I love both cities.

If you’re freelancing

In the hub or NYC

Hustle and get paid

*(By Alli and Taylor)

Many tall buildings

so expensive to live there

Summer smells like trash

*(By Julie Roth) Quiz Questions

1. The Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, was founded in 1934 during the great depression. All of these are goals of SEC except:

A. Protect investors. B.  Maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets. C. Regulate the East sides of L.B.C. [on their mission to find Mr. Warren G.] D. Facilitate capital formation.

Hint - they’re not on a mission to find Mr. Warren G.

2. The SEC has five commissioners who have a staggered 5 year term. Who is in charge of selecting/appointing the SEC Commissioners:

A. The voters of New York - their name goes on the New York State ballet every 5 years, and you residents of New York get to vote on the SEC Commissioners. B. All voters of the US - their name goes on a ballet every 4 years during the general election, and all registered voters can vote. C. They are appointed by the President of the United States - and by law, no more than 3 of them can belong to the same political party, making the position non-partisan. D. The CEO of the company with the highest gross trading volume in each year. The rule stipulates that the CEO must dedicate 40 hours to charity and buy girl scout cookies for all the New York city troops. He also must donate at least 10 million to the charity for injured sloths, and 5 million to Butterfly World where they house injured moths. 3. The SEC regulates securities that are sold within the US. Which of the following would be a transaction regulated by the SEC:

A. The sale on the Japanese Stock Exchange of Hello Kitty’s corporate overlords, the Sanrio Company, to make sure they don’t take over Japan. B. The buyout of the US based vet company VCA, who was listed on the NASDAQ exchange with the ticker WOOF, and was purchased by Mars in 2017. C. The sale of girl scout cookies to your brother, but only thin mints, not peanut butter patties, because nobody buys peanut butter patties


1 = C

2 = C 3 = B

Song in this episode:

And I'm Right - Sami Stevens & The Man I Love

She is God - Sami Stevens & The Man I Love

This episode was recorded live at Zumix Radio in East Boston.

Disclaimer: Any information provided is for informational purposes only. It cannot be used for the purposes of avoiding penalties or taxes.

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