• David Ira Roth

Julia Ryan & Kristina Carroll - Boston Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture

We chat with Julia and Kristina about some of the great programs that are offered to artists by the city of Boston.

Boston, MA

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Such a dream come true: I’m Mayor of a city that’s wicked awesome.

-Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston

City on a hill. Birthplace of revolution. Best sports teams ever.

Charlie Baker, Gubernatorial candidate (now governor)

Paved with history; If these streets could talk, they’d beam. Our Boston is strong.

Jerod Mayo, Patriots linebacker

Boston, no thank you. (Nothing against the haiku– A form I don’t do.)

Robert Pinsky, Poet, essayist, and Boston University professor

Artist in Boston

Wading throughout the snowfall.

I think we are lost

David Roth

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This episode was recorded live at Zumix Radio in East Boston.

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