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Good Thomas - Singer, Songwriter, DJ, Musical Bingo

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

We chat with Tom about how he built his business booking musical bingo all throughout New England. He also performs some covers and an original live on air!

Recorded live at ZUMIX in Boston
Recorded live at ZUMIX in Boston

Freelance Finance is the show where we go in depth into the financial and personal lives of Boston based freelancers. It is hosted by David Ira Roth and airs Thursdays at 11am on 94.9FM in Boston (WZMR - ZUMIX Radio). You can also listen live at Listen to this episode in iTunes

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A gig at a bar

I play my guitar tucked in

the back I'm a hack

There's pizza on my

gear, complaints that Im too loud

I just cannot win

Steak, Salad, and Jazz

The perfect mixture of taste

harmony and love

Fuzzy shoulder cat

My shoulders are warm, for now.

Your breath smells like cat

An alley cat strolls

into the bar, making friends

sipping milk, purring

Song in this episode:

All tracks were performed live, listen to the full episode to hear them!

This episode was recorded live at Zumix Radio in East Boston.

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