• David Ira Roth

Friendship - Beat Box, Live Loops, Bass Trombone

Friendship (Will Lombardelli) gives us the latest scoop on the festival scene, some struggles he has faced as a musician, and shares his new tracks.

Recorded Live at ZUMIX in East Boston
Recorded Live at ZUMIX in East Boston

Freelance Finance is the show where we go in depth into the financial and personal lives of Boston based freelancers. It is hosted by David Ira Roth and airs Thursdays at 11am on 94.9FM in Boston (WZMR - ZUMIX Radio). You can also listen live at Listen to this episode in iTunes

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Friendship never lost At least not when you're around

Friendship is forever

Wookie in the field

Everything need to borrow This fest is lit fam

-by Friendship

Beat and trombone

festivals in the night! Tis

the summer of our lives

Hooper eye contact

Glitter bombs at four twenty

fingers make a heart

-by Friendship

Will you be my Will?

There is only one Will, you.

Will you be my you?

Fog machine drama

change the density of air

bass trombone murder

-by Friendship

I need you today.

In the summer, in the fall,

always in my life

Deli meat your match!

Barter your way to a meal.

Let us eat for free!

Quiz Questions

1. If you are a US citizen and make money abroad, your worldwide income is subject to U.S. income tax, regardless of where you reside. When will you not need to pay US income tax for money earned abroad:

A. When you can claim an exemption from income tax. B. When the income is excluded from income tax. C. When the US has a foreign income tax treaty with the country you are working in and you paid taxes to that country. D. These would all reduce or eliminate you tax liability while working abroad.

2. Mutual funds are investments that pool your money together with other investors to purchase shares of a collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities that might be difficult to recreate on your own. Mutual Film Corp was a movie company back in 1910’s. Which of the following is not a Charlie Chaplin film produced by Mutual Film Corp:

A. The Pawnshop - Charlie plays an assistant in a pawnshop, where he arrives late for work and is scolded by the portly Pawnbroker. B. The Rink - After causing restaurant chaos at work, a bumbling waiter tears up the local roller rink with his skating. C. The Floorwalker - The Tramp is tricked into impersonating an embezzling floorwalker in a department store. D. The iPhone- After receiving his new iPhone, Charlie Chaplin bumps and knocks into everyone and everything on site.

Note: A Floorwalker is a senior employee of a large store who assists customers and supervises salespeople.

3. According to Forbes, the music industry was expanding in 2017. What was NOT the primary driving force of expansion:

A. Album sales B. Live performances C. Dog walking by musicians


1 = D

2 = D 3 = C

Song in this episode:

I'll Go - Friendship

Mariopathy - Friendship

MasPalomaPax - Friendship

This episode was recorded live at Zumix Radio in East Boston.

Disclaimer: Any information provided is for informational purposes only. It cannot be used for the purposes of avoiding penalties or taxes.

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