• David Ira Roth

Elisa Birdseye - Violist and Orchestra Manager

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Elisa shares her first hand experiences with estate planning, and tell why it is important to that taken care of.

Recorded Live at ZUMIX in East Boston
Recorded Live at ZUMIX in East Boston

Freelance Finance is the show where we go in depth into the financial and personal lives of Boston based freelancers. It is hosted by David Ira Roth and airs Thursdays at 11am on 94.9FM in Boston (WZMR - ZUMIX Radio). You can also listen live at Listen to this episode in iTunes


Will of the people

Strong, Fierce, and so persistent

Yet somehow we fail

Money should be saved

But does anyone do it?

I rather buy shoes

Do you have a plan

One for your estate? I say

Get it done today

Summer is fading

Last chance to soak up the sun

Snap! it’s almost fall

Elisa’s the best

She sings on strings, here we are

Another great show

I want my own home

I love avocado toast

Sigh, millennials Quiz Questions

1. Capital Gains are profits you make from selling an asset. Which of the following would qualify for long term capital gain?

A. Selling a Viola that you have owned since 1976. B. Selling a Red Sox Jersey for a profit that you originally received in 2001. C. Selling a 2003 Red Sox world series jersey that you purchased a year ago in 2017. D. They all qualify for long term capital gains treatment.

Note: There is a special rule that applies to the classification and capital gains of items that are collectables.

2. Viola Davis is a Tony-, Oscar-, and Emmy-award winning actress. Which of the following is another actress who has won the "triple crown" of awards?

A. Pamela Anderson, who won awards for Barb Wire, Baywatch, and Baywatch: The Musical. B. Rita Moreno, who won awards for West Side Story, The Ritz, The Muppet Show, and The Rockford Files. C. Both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, for Full House, It Takes Two, New York Minute, and Wicked. 

3. Clarence Birdseye developed a flash-freezing method that helped launch the frozen foods industry. In 1929, he sold his company along with its patents for 23.5 million dollars to Goldman Sachs and Postum Cereal Company. Which of the following was a real cereal sold in the USA?

A. Wackies, distributed by General Mills, an oat-based cereal with banana flavored marshmallows.  B. Puffed-Daddy's, distributed by Kellogg's, a corn-puffed cereal that came with a Puff Daddy cassette single in each box.  C. Cat Flakes, distributed by Nestle, a rice-cereal that was marketed as suitable for both human and feline consumption. 


1 = D

2 = B 3 = A

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This episode was recorded live at Zumix Radio in East Boston.

Disclaimer: Any information provided is for informational purposes only. It cannot be used for the purposes of avoiding penalties or taxes.

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